Sikumna - The Future Of Online Courses In Nepal!

Sikumna is a platform where you can be either a learner or an instructor. Learning is inevitable in the modern era as long as you’re seeking information. Our specially designed courses for students, business owners, and entrepreneurs will help you take a leap in your career.

We believe in transforming careers by bridging the gap between what can be shared and learned. Self-learning courses enable us to do that with huge potential and Sikumna is here to take online courses in Nepal to the next level.

Our Story

The team at Sikumna strongly believes that knowledge transforms lives and at present, it has become more valuable than any product. With the expertise that industry experts can share, we started providing online courses.

It all started with ‘the’ global pandemic that struck in all aspects of life. When there’s a crisis, there are always opportunities.

The story of how Sikumna came to be is one such example of realizing and grabbing a missed opportunity. Frustration and boredom overcame and amid the lockdown, an idea came into light.

Saugat Basnet, Founder of Sikumna wanted to make a positive impact in the society by realizing what was lacking in the time of grave need. He came into the conclusion it was ‘information’.

Everyone is searching for information but there was a huge gap between ‘what it really is’ and ‘what people say it is’. That’s when he decided to bring in experts to teach and convey practical knowledge and skills to those who seek.

He knew what people were looking for and then he started the search for experienced individuals who were willing to share their knowledge online.

Your skills represent you more than your degree these days and that's what most companies look for. That's where Sikumna comes in and connects learners with experienced tutors through online courses by addressing real-life challenges and offering practical solutions.

Saugat Basnet (Founder / CEO)

Online Learning Through Sikumna

With an idea that initiated when there were restrictions of physical contact, online courses were the way to go. However, Saugat Basnet was looking for a permanent fix as he believed in sustainability and preparedness.

With short and advanced courses, Sikumna has made online learning in Nepal possible for learners who want to avoid the hassle of traveling. Or, schedule a time outside of their comfort zone to attend a live class.

Through our platform, you’ll have a complete control over what you’ll learn, when you’ll learn and where you’ll learn.

Our self-paced courses allow you to get in your comfort zone and give your best at acquiring new skills.

Moreover, Sikumna provides you with a genuine digital certificate after the completion of the course.

Why do I need a digital certificate?

A certificate after completion of a course is a formal proof that you purchased and completed the course. Also, it’s much more than that.

You can add our digital certificate on your profile, portfolio or website to sell your skills to businesses.

In the modern age, most companies are ready to overlook your educational qualifications if you have an attractive portfolio of skills.

Why Choose Sikumna?

The main focus of Sikumna as an online learning platform has been convenience, simpleness, and portability.

Here are a few reasons why you’ll find Sikumna more favorable for your learning journey:

  • 100% simple and easy to understand
  • Online courses in Nepali language
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Affordable course pricing
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Certificate after course completion

What Drives Us?

  • Recognition as a pioneer of online learning platforms in Nepal
  • Introduction of courses from tutors belonging to different walks of life
  • Value to both tutors and learners

What Is Our Vision?

  • Introduce self-paced online courses as the new normal and next big thing
  • Enhance knowledge sharing process with valuable and practical content
  • Help learners move forward in their careers

What Do We Stand By?


Curiosity should never stop in the knowledge sharing process. As we teach, we learn more and find ourselves on the same path as the learners.


We operate with transparency, trustworthiness, empathy, and satisfaction. As learners put their faith in us, we opt to provide them with something extra.


Though our courses are pre-recorded, we provide the best assistance by staying available throughout and even after the process.

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